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Hartmann Tensoval Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
15% Off
Hartmann Tensoval Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
Hartmann Tensoval Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
Hartmann Tensoval Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
AED 340 AED 400
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Hartmann Tensoval Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
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Hartmann Tensoval Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
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AED 340 AED 400
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  • New for reliable upper arm blood pressure
  • Measurements based on oscillometric method
  • Memory function stores 60 readings
  • With date and time for two user


Hartmann Tensoval Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor for measurements on the upper arm based on the oscillometric method.�For blood pressure measurement on the upper arm; reliable measurement results can only be obtained by selecting the suitable cuff size depending on the upper arm circumference.�The device is available with two sizes of cuffs: Tensoval Comfort�with moulded or easy-care cuff for an upper arm circumference 22-32 cm and Tensoval Comfort Large�with draw-clamp cuff for an upper arm circumference 32-42 cm.


  • Extra large digital display Automatic switch-off function With connecting socket for mains adapter Replaceable long-life batteries


  • Please refer to the instructions manual for proper usage. It is recommended that blood pressure measurements are carried out in sitting position. Place your arm with the palm upwards on a support and make sure the cuff is at the level of the heart. Do not turn the device on until the cuff has been applied, otherwise the cuff can become damaged through the resulting excess pressure. Press the START/STOP button. The appearance of all display segments followed by a flashing arrow pointing downwards, shows that the device is checking itself automatically and is ready for use. Subsequently, automatic inflation begins at approximately 190 mmHg. If the pump pressure is insufficient or if the measurement is interrupted, the device continues to pump at a rate of 30 mmHg until a high enough pressure is reached. If you require a higher inflation pressure, you can avoid having to repeat pumping by pressing the START/STOP button again shortly after inflation starts until the desired cuff pressure is reached. This should be approximately�30 mm Hg over the systolic value. As pressure in the cuff decreases, the heart symbol and the falling cuff pressure are displayed. A beep indicates the end of measurement. The systolic and diastolic readings appear simultaneously on the display, with the pulse rate beneath them.


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