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Instant GP Video Consultation

Speak with a General Practitioner doctor exactly when you need to. Find immediately available doctor slots and begin your consultation.

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Instant GP FAQs

Everything you need to know about Instant GP and how it works.

What is an Instant GP Video Consultation?

An Instant GP Video Consultation allows users to virtually consult a General Practitioner doctor within 30 minutes. You can talk to a doctor on call to receive medical advice, diagnosis,treatment recommendations, and follow-up care, no matter where you are.

How long does the entire booking to consultation process take?

Through Instant GP, you can expect to begin a consultation within 30 minutes after the booking. Once you pay, you enter an online waiting room where you share your basic vitals. Post that, the doctor joins the room, and the online doctor consultation begins.

What are the advantages of an Instant GP Consultation?

Some advantages of Instant GP Video Consultations include:

Convenience and accessibility: You can consult with online doctors from the comfort of your home, office, or any location with an internet connection.

Time and cost savings: You save time and money associated with traveling and waiting in a clinic or hospital.

Increased safety: Teleconsultation reduces the risk of exposure to communicable disorders and diseases. It is especially beneficial for patients who are immunocompromised or suffer from a contagious illness.

When should I use an Instant GP Video Consultation?

You can consult via Instant GP whenever you need to speak with a General Practitioner about your non-emergency medical ailments. Other uses include -

Medicine Refills: You can get your medicine refill prescription after consulting with a GP. You can further get your prescription medicines ordered and home delivered from the myAster app.

Issuing Sick Leave: You can get a sick leave document issued by the doctor on call. Please note that sick leave can be issued only for the next day.

Referrals: A general practitioner can initially assess you and refer you to a specialist for further assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

What are the instant GP doctor consultation timings?

Doctors are available for online consultation from 8 am to 12 am every day.

What does one need for the Instant GP online consultation?

You need a phone or a laptop and a working internet connection for the teleconsultation. You can consult through the myAster app on your phone or the myAster web page on the laptop.

Is my privacy and data secure during an Instant GP consultation?

myAster adheres to strict privacy and data security standards. You can be absolutely worry free while taking your online telehealth consultation.

Is payment compulsory before the appointment?

As the appointment begins within a few minutes of booking, payment is compulsory before the online doctor consultation starts.

Is Instant GP Video Consultation covered by insurance?

Insurance coverage for instant video consultation may vary. Some insurance plans cover both online doctor consultation and in-person consultations, while others have specific policies for telemedicine. If you update your Emirates ID, the app will be able to fetch your insurance details to cross-check and display the co-pay value at check out, in case the teleconsultation is covered.

Does Instant Video Consultation offer a free follow-up?

Yes, you can talk to a doctor on call or video for a follow-up for FREE. The free follow-up is valid only for seven days from the initial instant GP consultation.

Who can do an Instant General Practitioner consultation?

Anybody above the age of 12 years can do an Instant GP consultation. For pediatric consultations, we recommend booking an appointment with a pediatrician directly for in-clinic or video consultation.

Can Instant GP handle emergency cases?

No, Instant GP is not equipped to handle emergency cases at the moment. In case of emergency, please directly contact the clinic/hospital.

What are the different payment options available for Instant GP doctor video consultation?

You can pay using Self-Pay or Insurance. Debit or Credit card payments are available for self-pay. If you pay by insurance, the co-pay amount is visible during check-out. Please note that co-pay is subject to insurance approval and may differ.

How can I prepare for an effective teleconsultation?

You can do the following things for a productive teleconsultation:

Make sure you have a stable internet connection, a laptop, computer, or smartphone, and a working microphone and camera.

Try to find a quiet, private space while speaking to the doctor on call.

Have your latest reports, medical prescriptions, and any relevant medical documents handy during the video call.

Make a note of any questions or doubts you may want to ask before the call starts.

Can I cancel or reschedule an Instant GP consultation?

Due to the small-time frame, canceling and rescheduling consultations is not possible for instant GP.

What is the difference between an Instant GP consultation and a doctor video consultation?

An instant GP guarantees a video consultation with a general practitioner within 30 minutes. The slots are visible immediately and the consultation process begins within a few minutes after making the payment. Instant GP is perfect for patients who require non-emergency medical care, doctor referrals, medicine refills, or sick leave letters.

A doctor video consultation may not necessarily be on the same day. Patients can choose a doctor through filters like specialty, gender, and language spoken and then select the date and time slot for the online consultation. You can consult a trained, experienced doctor on myAster through both the channels.