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Your gateway to prime healthcare and general treatment

A general medicine doctor is usually the first medical expert you will contact whenever you face any medical concerns. As the name suggests, a specialist in general medicine can address a wide range of conditions across different organ systems and physiological functions. Your GP can help you pinpoint the overall issue that you are facing based on your apparent symptoms and signs. Therefore, they are often seen as a conduit to get you on the right track for effective treatment.

Though general medicine covers many aspects, there are clear lines within which general medicine doctors operate. The most defining characteristics of general medicine doctors are:

- They primarily deal with the initial diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions in an individual. General medicine specialists can diagnose your physical and mental state as part of their initial diagnosis.
- General medicine doctors offer diagnoses for people of all age groups. This distinguishes them from internal medicine specialists.
- Though exceptions exist, general practitioners do not perform surgery independently. However, they can provide emergency medical response for you until a specialist is available for further treatment.

Doctors in the field of general medicine can also help you and your family keep track of your immunizations and vaccine doses. Following up with a general medicine doctor can help you keep track of your health metrics over time.

You can find GPs in every multispecialty hospital and clinic near you. They act as a vital starting point to a healthcare journey, being readily accessible for initial medical care. The scope of treatment they can provide is wide, and their initial diagnosis is essential in narrowing down potential treatments.

When To Visit a General Practitioner

In most cases, a general practitioner will be your first point of contact if you are facing a health issue. The initial appointment with a general medicine doctor will shed light on the type of issue, its causing factors, and treatment down the line. If further consultation is required, your general practitioner will refer you to a specialist in the respective field of medicine. However, aside from this primary case, you may need to visit your GP for other reasons. These include:

- Routine Checkups: You should visit your general practitioner periodically to check on your basic health parameters. This includes master health checkups that you should get once you hit an age milestone or more specific tests such as blood glucose testing.
- Preventive Medicine: A general practitioner can help in pre-emptively diagnosing certain chronic conditions. When they suspect signs of a disease such as diabetes or hypertension, a GP can prescribe preventive medicine. They can also refer you to a dedicated specialist if needed.
- Minor Issue Consultation: For simple health issues such as minor injuries and slight fever, a visit to the general practitioner will suffice for effective treatment. They can prescribe medication like antibiotics and antihistamines that can help you cope with the immediate symptoms of the condition. You can readily access a general practitioner for preliminary treatment and relief from most conditions.
- Chronic Condition Monitoring: If your general practitioner is also your family doctor, then they can provide medical assistance with the progressive treatment you receive. GPs typically monitor your condition, update your medical records, and assist with specialist treatment (when applicable).

There are ample general practitioners in Dubai you can consult for an initial medical opinion. The best general medicine doctors in Dubai provide patient-friendly and accessible treatment, through a wide range of treatment methods.

Common Procedures and Treatments

As the name suggests, general medicine is a multifaceted field that is the first point of contact when you need medical attention. In that regard, a general practitioner can provide preliminary treatment for your condition, based on an initial diagnosis. Some of the common treatments a general practitioner can prescribe are:

- Immunizations: A general medicine doctor can help you (and your family) keep track of your immunizations to ensure proper vaccination. They can also coordinate important vaccinations in the events of pandemics, as a precautionary measure.
- Prescription Filling: If you are already on treatment for a specific (or chronic) condition, you can visit your general practitioner for a follow-up appointment and request a renewal of prescribed medicines. They can also alter your prescriptions depending on how you respond to medication.
- Basic Injury Treatment: A general practitioner is qualified to treat any basic injuries or physical trauma you may be experiencing. However, complex injuries will require the intervention of a specialist.
- Health Checkups: Your general practitioner can cross-check your medical history and records to schedule health checkups as a routine procedure. This can help you keep track of your health and pre-emptively diagnose chronic diseases.

Having immediate access to a general practitioner is essential for timely medical care. Our dedicated mobile app, myAster, streamlines the process of GP consultation with features tuned for complete ease of use.

myAster: Instant GP Consultations

With myAster, you can easily reach the best general medicine doctors in Dubai within a few intuitive steps on the application. The dedicated Instant GP feature automatically shortlists the GP available to consult via video call based on immediate need, ensuring you get world-class medical care right when you need it. Paying for the consultation is also a seamless task, as you can register your insurance details on the application and avail yourself of Co-Pay directly.

The myAster app also provides access to an Online Pharmacy where you can get a wide variety of health and wellness products delivered straight to your doorstep. The storefront also has exclusive offers sometimes, primed towards giving you the best healthcare experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can general medicine doctors perform surgery?

No, general practitioners do not perform surgery. If surgery is required, you will be referred to a specialist.

What is the difference between general medicine and internal medicine?

A general medicine doctor treats the whole family, while an internal medicine specialist provides treatment exclusively for adults.

Should I visit a GP in case of allergies?

Yes, you should visit your GP for a first opinion in case of allergy bouts. They can shed light on allergy triggers, prescribe symptom relief medication, and refer you to specialists.

Can I get an in-person consultation with a GP on myAster?

Yes, you can schedule an in-person appointment with a GP at their clinic in an available slot. However, for Instant GP, only video consultation is possible.

Will a GP be able to renew my prescription? Do I need a specialist?

Depending on the type of medication, your GP should be able to renew most prescriptions for you. Always keep them informed about your medical history and ongoing treatments.
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