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Beurer PM15 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Beurer PM15 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Beurer PM15 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Beurer PM15 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Beurer PM15 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Beurer PM15 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Beurer PM15 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
AED 235
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Beurer PM15 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
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AED 235
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  • To help monitor your heart rate and track your heart's activity
  • To help you improve your health, create and manage an exercise plan and more
  • Ideal for walking or hiking
  • With finger sensor no annoying chest strap
  • Precise ECG pulse measurement on finger
  • Individual training range and alarm
  • Date, time, day of the week, alarm, timer, stopwatch features
  • Waterproof to 50 m (suitable for swimming, underwater pulse measurement not guaranteed)


Beurer PM15 Heart Rate Monitor Watch operates without needing a chest strap, allows you to monitor your heart rate and set a training zone with upper and lower limits according to your training objective. The heart beat is measured and displayed with ECG precision, without your having to wear a cumbersome chest strap. All you need do is at-tach the monitor to your wrist and touch the sensor on the face of the monitor with your finger or thumb. Your heart beat can be determined within seconds with ECG precision by finger sensor measurement on the arm, upper part of the body or other arm in relation to a sensor on the back of the heart rate monitor. This heart rate monitor is thus particularly suitable for persons who cannot or do not wish to wear a chest strap as well as for sports such as hiking or walking. Other features of this heart rate monitor include a time function, stopwatch, wake alarm and countdown timer. Of course, diagnosing the cause of heart palpitations is not always easy and sometimes requires close and long-term cooperation of the patient and the medical staff. For this reason, most people who suffer from heart palpitations are advised to use the heart rate monitor during their daily activities. When the heart beats, an electrical signal is transmitted through the heart muscle in order for it to contract. The transmitter picks up this signal and sends it to the wrist receiver, which displays the data.


  • Helps to measure the activity of his heart and synchronize with the doctor's advice in order to solve the causes of the problem
  • Measures the real time heart rate and displays it on a small screen to the user
  • Displays date, time, stopwatch, alarm (can be used as a smart watch)
  • Timer helps to show the duration of a route to the user
  • Allows easy handing due to measurement with finger sensor


  • Please read the user manual carefully before use
  • This heart rate monitor is only designed for private use and is not intended for medical purposes. Never expose the device to any extreme temperatures, vibrations or shocks. Clean the device with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Never use any abrasives or solvents! Always have the battery replaced at a specialist store (CR2032 3 V lithium battery).
  • The following rule of thumb is used for the identification of the maximum heart rate: For men: 220 - age = maximum heart rate, For women: 226 - age = maximum heart rate.
  • Fasten the monitor to your wrist. Place one finger on the sensor and hold it down for atleast 5 seconds. Make sure that the sensor at the back of the casing fits closely to the skin. At first, the display reads "---". After 5 to 8 seconds, the heart rate reading is displayed. If the heart rate alarm is switched on, the relative heart rate is also displayed. If the measured heart rate is below the lower heart rate limit, this is indicated by an "L". Any value above the upper heart rate limit is indicated by an "H".


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