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The Best Urology Treatment in the UAE, At Your Fingertips.

A urologist primarily treats ailments and conditions in the urinary system for male and female patients. They are not to be confused with nephrologists, who specialize in treating the kidneys. However, in big healthcare hubs like the UAE, urologists can be consulted to advise on kidney disorders that affect urination. Another distinguishing factor between urologists and nephrologists is that urologists also typically perform surgical treatments for conditions in the urinary system. For context, the urinary system consists of:

  • Bladder: The muscular bag that stores and releases urine.
  • Ureters: The tubes that transport urine from the kidneys to the bladder.
  • Urethra: The tube that expels urine from the body.
  • Adrenal glands: The endocrine glands situated above the kidney that produce adrenaline.

A urologist is also the first point of medical contact for any issues regarding the male reproductive system. Most urologists in Dubai offer consultation as well as surgical treatment for an extensive range of conditions that men may face, typically in the following organs:

  • Prostate gland: A vital gland that nourishes sperms through its secretions.
  • Penis: The male reproductive organ responsible for intercourse, sperm and urine release.
  • Testicles: The primary sites of testosterone production located in the scrotum.
  • The associated glands of the male reproductive system, such as the seminal vesicles and Cowper’s gland.

Urology is a diverse field, with urologists offering multiple sub-specializations of urology treatment that cater to specific avenues and consultation cases. Some of these distinct divisions of urology include:

  • Urology-related oncology: This is an umbrella term for the treatment of cancers that affect the urinary system. Given how prostate cancer is among the most common cancers that affect men, this is a highly specialized field of urology. The best urologists offer extensive consultation on cancer-related issues in the urinary system.
  • Infertility issues in males (Andrology): Urologists provide consultation for males having trouble in conception and other related issues like erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction.
  • Pediatric urology: Children also experience urological issues, especially in their younger years. The best urologists in Dubai provide expert consultation for pediatric cases as well.
  • Endo-urology: A well-known sub-specialty that provides advanced treatment for common conditions such as kidney stones and prostate enlargements.

At Aster, our world-class staff of urology specialists provide comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and solutions for a vast array of urinary system ailments and conditions. With a significant emphasis on patient care and well-being, our urology specialists support you every step of the way in prescribing and providing effective solutions for your ailments.

Before visiting one of the best urologists in Dubai, however, it is always prudent to take a quick self-assessment to better assist your urologist with an initial prognosis of your underlying condition.

When should I see a urologist in Dubai?

From a general perspective, one should consult with a urologist when they experience pronounced hassles in the regular processes of urination, like with a UTI, for instance. Urologists often work with specialists from other disciplines to provide holistic treatment based on the condition. For example, in case of severe kidney stone formation, a urologist and nephrologist will weigh in on potential treatment options for effective surgery and rehabilitation.

When performing your self-assessment for urology-related problems, an ideal approach is to take note of the signs first. Telltale symptoms of urinary system infection include:

  • Urinary incontinence: If you are experiencing issues with bladder control, urine leakage, and other problems while passing urine, you should consult with your urologist at the earliest.
  • Hematuria: Blood in your urine is a major sign of urinary anomalies. It can also be a repercussion of other issues such as kidney stones. Consult with your urologist as soon as possible if this symptom surfaces.
  • Pain/inflammation during urination: Significant pain in your pelvic region during urination should not be ignored. This is usually accompanied by a profound burning sensation during urine release. Consulting a urologist early can help resolve the issue before the symptoms get progressively worse.
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms: Issues such as urination frequency, urgency, nocturia, poor urinary flow, difficulty in passing urine, and post-void dribbling.

Since urologists also specialize in treatment of male reproductive issues, they will usually be the first point of contact for males in case of any hassles in reproductive and/or sexual health. Some of the common instances the urologists typically provide treatment for in this ambit include:

  • Testicular/prostate exams: It is recommended that every male undergo periodic tests for prostate and testicular cancer, given its widespread occurrence.
  • Sexual activity issues: Urologists provide expert treatment on issues such as erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and other issues that can hinder a healthy sex life for men.
  • Infertility issues: Urologists also assist fertility experts in providing effective diagnosis and remedy for infertility issues that men might face.

Through our dedicated myAster app, you gain streamlined access to the top urologists in Dubai within seconds. Furthermore, you can filter the list of urology specialists based on their availability for consultation, video consultation options, languages spoken, among other parameters. myAster revolutionizes the process of urology consultation, making it available for you anywhere, anytime.

Common procedures and treatments

Urologists provide a holistic range of treatments, both inpatient and outpatient depending on the severity of the symptoms and potential road to recovery.

  • - Cystograms: Your urologist may prescribe a cystogram as a non-invasive method to view the dimensions of the bladder using X-rays.
  • - Cystoscopies: A cystoscopy can provide more insight into the bladder and urinary tract, helping your urologist diagnose issues such as bladder cancer. In cystoscopy, a fine tube with a light and camera is inserted to visualize your urethra and bladder, making it an invasive procedure.
  • - Lithotripsy: This state-of-the-art technique is performed by the urologists to effectively neutralize kidney and/or bladder stones and restore normalcy to your daily routine.
  • - Vasectomy: Vasectomies are a surgical procedure for male birth control, where the vas deferens tubes are surgically tied and sealed.

Through the myAster app, you can gain access to the top urologists in Dubai for expert consultation on urology-related issues you may be facing. You can easily keep track of your scheduled and upcoming appointments, and schedule video consultations with your preferred urology specialists for your complete convenience.

Choose the smart way of medical appointment organization with myAster and schedule your next appointment through the portal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can female patients also consult with urologists?

Yes, female patients can also consult with urologists regarding issues in the urinary tract. However, for reproductive issues, a gynecologist might be able to provide better medical advice.

How do I know if I have a UTI?

A UTI is typically characterized by a burning sensation during urine release, irregular urination, and other symptoms such as fever/fatigue. If you experience these symptoms, please consult your nearest urologist.

Do urologists also consult on kidney-related issues?

Yes, urologists often co-consult on kidney health-related issues, especially if those issues also affect the urinary system.

Is visiting the urologist necessary for fertility-related issues in a male?

Yes, it is always advisable to book a consultation with the best urologists along with consulting a fertility specialist. Together, they can provide holistic medical advice for your specific predicament.

How often should I have a prostate exam done?

It is advisable to have a prostate exam conducted once every three to five years. Your urologist can provide expert insights on your prostate health and wellbeing.
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