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Easy-Access Expert Care from the UAE’s Best Pulmonologists

Pulmonology is the field of medicine that deals with treating disorders and anomalies in the respiratory system. Under this ambit, a pulmonologist treats many issues, ranging from flu and influenza treatment to /regular asthma allergies. Since respiration is a crucial function in physiology, pulmonologists are often found in multispecialty hospitals, working in tandem with specialists from other avenues of medicine for effective treatment.

Aside from your lungs, a pulmonologist treats other organs associated with the respiratory system. For instance, the airway in the body is host to organs that regulate your voice, breathing rate, and other respiratory parameters. Pulmonologists also provide holistic treatment for the muscles that support the respiratory system, such as the diaphragm and intercostal muscles.

The respiratory system and cardiovascular system go hand-in-glove from a physiology standpoint. Therefore, pulmonologists also co-consult with cardiologists on complex cases of cardiovascular blockage and blood oxygenation issues.

Several infectious diseases affect the respiratory system, with some diseases having symptoms exclusively targeting the nose, throat, and lung structures, such as chronic bronchitis. In severe cases of these contagious diseases, a pulmonology specialist will usually be called in to provide medical insight on repercussions to the lungs. For example, in patients experiencing severe pneumonia, a consultant pulmonologist can assist with accurate diagnosis on pneumonia causes.

From a broad perspective, pulmonology treatments can be classified into distinct sub-specialties, characterized by the nature of the lung/respiratory system disorder that they tackle. These include:

- Interventional pulmonary specialization: This branch of pulmonology caters to major lung-related issues such as lung cancer and other pleural diseases.
- Sleep-related breathing disorders: Chronic conditions such as sleep apnea that cause significant breathing issues often require a pulmonologist’s expert medical perspective.
- Transplantation & major surgery: In major healthcare hubs like the UAE, pulmonologists in Dubai specialize in lung transplant surgery, as well as pre- and post-operative therapy.
- COPD/Emphysema/Tuberculosis: Aside from lung cancer, these conditions are prominent among lung disorders. To address these conditions, consultations with the best pulmonologists in Dubai are an ideal approach to effective treatment.
- Allergen-related treatment: The finer structures of the lungs are susceptible to inflammation and other symptoms. Pulmonologists provide a range of treatment to alleviate the impact of allergens, including influenza treatment.

In the Gulf region, Aster hosts a diverse range of pulmonologists in Dubai who provide world-class treatment for a wide range of pulmonary and respiratory issues. Through the myAster portal, you can view, streamline, and schedule appointments with the best pulmonologists in Dubai, all through one streamlined interface.

myAster enables seamless access to additional features such as video consultation for a well-rounded medical consultation experience. Before consulting a pulmonologist, however, it is prudent to take stock of any telltale symptoms and signs you may be experiencing before your initial diagnosis.

When should I consult a pulmonologist in Dubai?

The first tangible sign of any abnormal respiratory symptoms can take a fair amount of time to present itself. Typically, for minor respiratory hassles and issues, your general care physician (or ENT specialist) will prescribe treatment for the same. This is especially valid in cases where the infection and/or condition is localized in the throat, nose, or specific air pathways.

However, in diseases that have proliferated further, a pulmonologist’s opinion may be required alongside the consultation your primary physician provides. For example, a pulmonology specialist can prescribe dedicated treatment for underlying pneumonia causes. They can also treat other complex diseases that occur in the lungs such as acute and chronic bronchitis, post-viral bronchitis, severe asthma, and interstitial lung disease (ILD).

To help with your self-assessment of respiratory issues, here is a quick checklist of warning signs to look for.

- Irregular breathing: If you are experiencing notable difficulty in your breathing, checking with a pulmonologist at the earliest is advisable. This can present itself in many forms, such as labored breathing, or acute pain in your chest when inhaling/exhaling.
- Wheezing/Asthma: : Asthma is a condition with multiple potential causative factors. It may arise due to seasonal allergies, or due to a chronic condition that persists lifelong. Consulting with one of the best pulmonologists can help with effective treatment, especially for cases such as influenza treatment.
- Blood/sputum in coughing: The presence of blood or excess sputum during coughing is cause for immediate consultation with a pulmonologist.
- Hindrance in daily routines: If your breathing is causing issues in carrying out your daily routine, it is advisable to schedule a consultation with one of the best pulmonologists in Dubai.

Through myAster, you can gain access to our extensive pulmonology staff across our numerous facilities in the Gulf region. For added convenience, you can also filter the pulmonologists based on key parameters such as the languages spoken by the practitioner, video consultation availability, and other factors. The myAster portal redefines convenience in availing the best pulmonology treatments and procedures in UAE.

Common procedures and treatments

Pulmonologists can offer a wide range of consultation, diagnosis, and treatment options (both outpatient and inpatient) treatment for effective resolution of pulmonary issues. At Aster, our pulmonology services and treatment are on par with global medical standards and practices. Some of the premier pulmonology diagnostic investigations provided by our best pulmonologists in Dubai are:

- Pulmonary function test: Your pulmonologist can prescribe PFT to accurately assess how well your lungs are functioning and get insights into any underlying lung issues.
- Bronchial asthma management: Bronchitis and asthma can cause significant hassles in a person’s life, especially as inflammation proliferates. Your pulmonologist can prescribe treatment for ideal bronchial asthma management.
- COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) treatment: COPD is a complex disorder that can cause long-term hindrances to your breathing cadence and quality of life. The best pulmonologists can provide effective treatment for COPD.
- Lung malignancy assays: To accurately assess the presence of tumors in your lungs, a pulmonologist can perform dedicated tests for lung malignancy.
- Chest X-Ray: Can accurately assess any abnormalities in the pleural cavity.
- Fractional exhalation of nitric oxide: Used to manage and treat asthma cases.
- Bronchoscopy: Performed to assess the health of the bronchi.
- Chest CT: An imaging test used to assess the lungs from a complete perspective.

The myAster portal enables those seeking out the best pulmonologists to schedule appointments within a few clicks. You can also schedule video consultations according to your preference. Access a world of user-friendly features and functionalities through myAster, and revolutionize your medical appointment scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I consult with a pulmonologist in Dubai if I am experiencing severe sore throat?

For general infections, it is sufficient to consult with an ENT specialist or your general physician. For more complex cases that impact the respiratory system, consulting with a pulmonary specialist in Dubai might be required.

Is sleep apnea curable?

Yes, sleep apnea can be treated through a systematic process of diagnosis and treatment by a top pulmonologist. They will guide you at every step for holistic recovery from sleep apnea.

Can asthma be contracted through family history?

Family history of asthma can be a causative factor of asthma in an individual. Consulting with your pulmonary specialist can help get to the root cause of asthma and subsequent treatment.

What are some of the symptoms of COPD?

According to the best pulmonologists in Dubai, COPD can exhibit multiple symptoms, including shortness of breath, chronic cough, sputum production, anxiety, and other symptoms

Can pulmonologists also provide cardiology consultation?

Though both avenues of medicine are closely interlinked, they are still distinct and require separate consultations.

What are some characteristic signs of pulmonology disorders?

Patients with any of the following symptoms should consult a pulmonologist:
  1. Cough persisting over a week
  2. Difficulty in breathing
  3. Wheezing
  4. Chest pain/heaviness
  5. Sputum production

What are the symptoms of sleep apnea?

The typical symptoms of sleep apnea are:
  1. Loud snoring
  2. Early morning headache/tiredness
  3. Excessive daytime sleepiness
  4. Recurrent awakening during night sleep
  5. Fatigue during daily routine
  6. Choking sensation during sleep
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