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Seamless Access to the UAE’s best in Orthopedic Care

The general notion about orthopedics as a medical field is that orthopedic specialists are only bone doctors. However, orthopedics deals with far more issues than merely mending bones. In simple terms, orthopedics deals with the treatment of your musculoskeletal system i.e., your bones, muscles, and any other part of the associated framework of your body that makes free movement possible. This definition also extends to the treatment of the finer components of the system, such as ligaments and tendons.

An orthopedic doctor typically deals with a comprehensive range of medical conditions. For instance, they are often associated with neurospinal hospitals to offer medical insight on the skeletal structures linked to the nervous system nodes (skull and backbone). Orthopedic doctors also treat sports-related issues such as ankle sprains and frozen shoulder cases.

The musculoskeletal system plays a pivotal role in our everyday lives, even when we are asleep. Even if you are not the adventurous type, chances are you will be searching online for an “orthopedic doctor near me” if you are experiencing conditions such as mild joint pain or a pulled muscle. To address these cases, orthopedic doctors often work in tandem with physiotherapists to offer therapeutic relief from these conditions.

To treat conditions such as ankle sprains, orthopedic doctors usually prescribe non-surgical methods such as the RICE method (rest, icing, compression, extension) for speedy recovery. However, when conditions such as a frozen shoulder get aggravated and unresponsive to standard treatment, arthroscopic surgery methods may be needed.

Aside from this standard classification, bone doctors also specialize in treatment based on the following parameters:

-> Pain management: Orthopedic specialists can prescribe treatment to help alleviate pain in specific movement-based regions of the body, such as knees, ankles, and the neck.
-> Movement ability management: An orthopedic specialist can help you gradually regain your movement ability in impacted joints through dedicated therapy and medication.
-> Trauma/injury prevention: This orthopedic specialization also involves long-term mitigation of common movement-related ailments such as arthritis. Medical emergencies such as bone fractures also come under this ambit.

In the UAE, the best orthopedic doctors offer world-class treatment for many bone, muscle, and joint-related issues. Through myAster, you can access those practitioners through a few clicks within one interface. However, before booking an appointment, it is imperative to know the specific signs and symptoms you are facing to streamline orthopedic diagnosis at the clinic.

When do I need to visit an orthopedic doctor in Dubai?

The rule of thumb for any bone or muscle injury or abnormality in the body is, if it visibly disrupts your ability to go about your daily routine, you should pay a visit to your orthopedic specialist in Dubai.

As is often the case, medical attention in orthopedics is not limited to visible injuries alone. You should also visit your orthopedic doctor if there are telltale symptoms of more discreet orthopedic conditions that could also have repercussions on your nervous system. In these cases, it is usually prudent to visit a neuro spinal hospital in Dubai to receive effective treatment.

Pains are only one aspect of orthopedic diagnosis. Conducting a quick holistic self-assessment of your condition’s root cause can go a long way toward an exact prognosis.

To aid this self-assessment, here are a few orthopedic red flags to watch out for.

-> Incessant swelling: If a joint or muscle is swelling with no signs of relief after first aid, it is best to pay a visit to your orthopedic specialist in Dubai.
-> Abnormal tingles: If you are getting a frequent “needling” sensation in a particular region of the body, it could be a sign of a nerve issue. Consult with the best orthopedic doctors, along with opinions from leading neurologists for expert treatment.
-> Hindrance in normal movement: If you find yourself unable to move normally in a particular area of the body, you should seek medical consultation with an orthopedic specialist in Dubai at the earliest, even if there is no significant pain.
-> Any significant injury/trauma: Any emergency from major fractures to minor ligament tears requires the immediate attention of an orthopedic expert. Delaying consultation could further worsen your injury, thereby complicating the treatment and recovery process.

Through myAster’s unique and streamlined interface, you can access a cohesive list of the best orthopedic doctors in Dubai with complete ease. Additionally, you can also avail convenient modes of visitation, such as video consultation for follow-ups and initial appointments alike. Schedule your next appointment through myAster and witness medical logistics convenience like never before.

Common procedures and treatments

The orthopedic doctors in UAE are highly specialized in various medical and surgical procedures. At Aster, we place significant emphasis on offering orthopedic treatment that prioritizes patient care, comfort, and wellbeing at every step of the way. From first consultation to post-operative rehabilitation (if needed), we take extra measures to ensure your complete peace of mind at every turn.

Some of the unique orthopedic treatment procedures that we offer at Aster include:

-> Arthroscopy methods: Arthroscopy can be used by your orthopedic specialist to diagnose and/or perform surgery on a particular region of your musculoskeletal framework. This is usually performed as a non-intrusive method to scan for any defects in an affected region.
-> Radiofrequency ablation: This method involves the use of targeted heat to eradicate any damaged muscle tissue in a particular area of the body. This technique is performed by expert orthopedic surgeons in Dubai.
-> Joint replacement treatment: In case you are coping with extensive joint damage due to progressive diseases such as arthritis, your orthopedic surgeon can rectify it through artificial joint replacement. These implants work like natural joints, granting you a new lease of life through unimpeded movement.
-> Fracture repair: Fractures of any sort can be highly debilitating. Our orthopedic experts at Aster specialize in highly intricate fracture repair treatment, putting you on a solid path to rehabilitation and resuming your daily routine.
-> Osteotomy: This is the practice of bone reshaping, conducted to reduce the severity of pain in an affected area. This surgical procedure is performed under the constant supervision of your orthopedic specialist. You will also receive rehabilitation treatment post-operation.

Witness a world of seamless medical consultation and follow-up through the myAster platforms. Accessible online as well as through mobile, myAster grants you access to a wide range of specialist filters that help personalize your doctor search. You can also opt for video consultation with our orthopedic doctors in Dubai and book a slot as per your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to visit an orthopedic specialist even for a hairline fracture?

Yes, it is always advisable to visit a bone doctor to ensure that there is no further risk to the affected tissue due to movement.

I have pain in my joints, but it is manageable. Should I still consult an orthopedic doctor near me?

Even if the pain is not significant, it is best to visit the orthopedic expert to ensure there are no underlying dangers arising from your joint pain.

Will my muscle soreness go away on its own?

Usually, inflamed muscles should return to their normal with enough rest. Always consult your orthopedic doctor in case symptoms deteriorate.

Is arthritis curable in the long term?

Currently, there is no known cure for arthritis. However, diagnosis at an early stage by an expert orthopedic doctor can help alleviate the impact of its symptoms.

Can I perform physio routines on my own by browsing online sources?

Performing physiotherapy routines without the guidance of a qualified therapist could lead to adverse conditions from improper exercise. Always follow the regimen suggested by your medical practitioners for the best results.
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