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Expert Endocrinology Treatment. Complete Convenience.

The field of endocrinology is a highly specialized discipline in the medical world. An endocrinologist can provide expert consultation and treatment on issues related to the endocrine system of the body. Through the endocrine hormones they secrete and release into the bloodstream, endocrine glands are responsible for regulating critical functions such as body temperature, metabolic functions, and even unique bio-mechanisms like your day-night cycles. Since endocrine hormones have multifold functions, there exist multiple avenues of endocrinology, each specializing in a particular avenue that the hormones influence. For instance, diabetes doctors also specialize in treating the hormone-related aspects of diabetes that can cause repercussions, such as insulin resistance and type 1 diabetes treatment. Among the 50-odd hormones the human body generates, the endocrine network is responsible for a handful of core components in regulating body function. The major endocrine glands include:

  • Pancreas (Abdomen)
  • Thyroid and parathyroid (neck region)
  • Gonads (testes and ovary)
  • Pituitary gland (base of your brain)
  • Adrenal glands (above your kidneys)

Most endocrinology issues arise from a hormonal imbalance in the body. Even a minimal shift in hormone levels can cause a ripple effect in the body, affecting various systems. The inverse is also true in some cases, where instances such as diabetes treatment can cause hormonal imbalances due to medication. Consulting an endocrinologist is the best course of action in case of such symptoms.

In a broad sense, endocrinology treatments can be classified into three types:

  • Hypo-secretion: When an endocrine gland secretes hormones in insufficient quantities, it can lead to adverse effects. Diabetes doctors often treat cases of insulin deficiency as part of this branch.
  • Over-secretion: The excess production of hormones can also cause issues in the body. Hyperthyroidism and hyperprolactinemia are common examples of this condition.
  • Tumors: All endocrine glands are susceptible to cancer and tumors. Endocrinologists can assist with early diagnosis of these tumors for effective treatment.

Endocrinology can also be categorized based on the specific medical ailments it addresses. This is especially useful when viewing the field from the perspective of probable causes, as it can dictate the ideal treatment approach from the first consultation.

  • Pediatric endocrinology: This branch of endocrinology deals with the specific issues faced by young children and the hormonal issues they face.
  • Diabetes-related treatment: Since diabetes is a condition that majorly impacts metabolism, endocrinologists can assist in alleviating the symptoms of this imbalance through dedicated Type 2 diabetes treatment.
  • Endocrine oncology: These endocrinologists specialize in treating tumors and cancer-related ailments in the endocrine system.

In the UAE, you can find a multitude of the best endocrinologists in Dubai who offer effective treatment for hormone-related issues. Before you approach your endocrinologist, however, it helps to have a quick self-assessment of the nature of your signs and symptoms before booking a consultation.

When should I visit my endocrinologist in Dubai?

Hormonal imbalances often present themselves with a gradual onset of symptoms and can be hard to detect through self-diagnosis. For instance, individuals undergoing diabetes treatment can find it difficult to assess whether the side effects are due to hormones or simply a side effect of the medication they may be taking.

If you suspect hormonal imbalance, it is best to contact your nearest endocrinologist in Dubai to get an expert medical opinion on the same. Through our myAster portal, you can gain access to the best endocrine specialists in Dubai through one streamlined interface. You can also access unique features such as video consultation and language-based filters through myAster as well.

In most cases, you will be consulting with an endocrinologist as an additional precaution during consultation for other primary health issues. For example, a malnourished child may be referred to a pediatric endocrinology specialist to get a second opinion on possible hormonal issues in the child.

Depending on the specific endocrine glands affected, the respective signs and symptoms may differ. The hormonal imbalance can also manifest in different intensities depending on the individual’s physiological patterns, such as the day/night cycle and metabolism. Your hormone levels may also be monitored if you are under significant medication for certain conditions, such as type 1 diabetes treatment.

To assist with your self-diagnosis of possible hormonal imbalance, you can make use of the following telltale conditions that could be indicative of an underlying hormonal disorder:

  • Bone-related issues/osteoporosis: Hormone level fluctuations can also significantly influence bone density and overall health. You may need to visit an endocrinologist to rule out the hormonal factor with an expert opinion.
  • PCOD: Polycystic Ovary Disorder causes many complications, including sporadic periods and infertility. Since hormonal imbalance is often the underlying cause of PCOS, it is best to consult with the best endocrinologists to resolve this disorder.
  • Metabolic disorders: If you are facing any difficulty in your daily routine, such as constant fatigue, sudden weight gain/loss, or other metabolic symptoms, please consult an endocrinologist at the earliest.

myAster makes it possible for you to access the best endocrinologists with different specializations in a single interface. For instance, if you need a follow-up appointment with an endocrinologist after receiving type 2 diabetes treatment, you can easily schedule an appointment that synchronizes with your other consultations made through the app through timely reminders. Experience medical coordination like never before through myAster and our world-class medical expertise and services.

Common procedures and treatments

Endocrinologists are qualified to perform a wide range of medical procedures, particularly centered around alleviating the metabolic repercussions of endocrine disorders. Therefore, most endocrinologists also work in tandem with specialists such as diabetes doctors to provide expert perspectives on the hormonal factor of the ailment in question. Some of the treatments that endocrine specialists can provide include:

  • Growth Disorder Management: Endocrinologists can provide expert treatment to alleviate growth-related issues that are linked to hormones. Pediatric endocrinology also comes under this ambit.
  • Thyroid Disorder Management: Endocrinologists can identify the disease early and can offer appropriate disease management.
  • Diabetic Disorders Treatment: Our expert endocrinologists in Dubai work closely with our diabetologists to ensure your complete peace of mind during diabetes treatment.
  • Reproductive System Issues: Conditions such as low testosterone/estrogen in the body will also require the attention of an expert endocrinologist in Dubai.
  • PCOS Treatment: Women who are coping with PCOS can consult with our best endocrinologists to get effective treatment with specific attention to symptoms.
  • Obesity Treatment: Our endocrinologists also treat severe metabolic conditions such as obesity and resolve the hormonal issues that cause it with extra care and attention to patient health.

Through myAster, you can access the best medical practitioners for endocrinology anywhere, at your fingertips. Book your next consultation with the best endocrinologists via myAster and experience a new league of medical appointment convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are endocrinologists eligible to prescribe medication?

Yes, endocrinologists are trained medical practitioners who can prescribe medication for hormonal imbalance. Aster’s endocrinologists provide world-class treatment for the same.

Should I visit an endocrinologist if I am experiencing dietary issues?

If your dietician/nutrition specialist suspects hormonal issues behind your metabolism, it is best to book an appointment with a leading endocrinologist in Dubai.

Does diabetes always cause hormonal imbalance?

Yes, in most cases, hormonal imbalance is a repercussion of diabetes. Your doctor will prescribe methods to alleviate this during your type 2 diabetes treatment.

Are hormonal treatments safe?

When prescribed by your endocrinologists, hormonal treatments are completely safe. Please take only the recommended dosage, however, and consult your doctor ASAP in case of any adverse side effects.

Do endocrinologists perform surgery?

Usually, endocrinologists do not perform surgery, and only offer consultation on an outpatient basis. However, they may be consulted prior to surgery if hormonal imbalances are a potential concern.
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