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Better Mental Health Is Just A Few Steps Away

Psychiatry is a unique field of medicine; in that it deals with the wellbeing of the human mind. From a practical standpoint, psychiatrists also provide treatment for the physical repercussions that arise from mental (as well as emotional and behavioral) disorders.

The field of psychiatry is closely interlinked with the work of therapists and psychologists. All these fields deal with the functioning of the human mind, behaviors, and emotional patterns in their own way. However, what distinguishes a psychiatrist from a therapist and/or a psychologist is that they are licensed to prescribe medication for treatment of mental disorders.

In other words, psychiatrists are medical professionals who specialize in treating emotional, behavioral, and mental conditions. They can prescribe medical procedures, treatments, and medication for holistic mental health diagnosis.

Owing to the complexity of most mental disorders, psychiatric diagnosis typically involves a combination of methods across multiple sessions of consultation to arrive at an accurate, definitive diagnosis. Psychiatrists in Dubai are experts in treating a range of mental disorders, including:

- Personality disorders: These are a class of mental disorders characterized by overarching atypical behavioral patterns, often detrimental to the patient. (e.g., bipolar disorder, schizoid personality disorder, etc.)
- Eating, sleeping, and other body function-related disorders: Psychiatrists also provide effective treatment for eating and sleep-related mental disorders.
- Trauma, depression, and anxiety-related disorders: If a patient is undergoing a traumatic episode that severely impacts their ability to function in daily life, a psychiatrist may be consulted to help them overcome it over time.

The UAE (especially Dubai) is a hub for world-class mental health diagnosis and subsequent treatment. The best psychiatrists in Dubai provide holistic medical assistance to patients, from initial diagnosis of their underlying conditions to gradual recovery and rehabilitation.

Before visiting your nearest psychiatry clinic in Dubai, however, it is important to take a step back and perform a quick self-assessment of any mental, behavioral, and emotional issues you may be facing. This can help the best psychiatrists in Dubai get an accurate prognosis of your condition when you visit their clinic for consultation.

When should I visit a psychiatrist in Dubai?

Put simply, you should schedule a visit with your psychiatrist in Dubai when you experience significant issues in your mental state, especially when it begins to impact your everyday life and interactions. Bear in mind, however, that this does not mean you should self-diagnose your condition at any stage.

It can be slightly intimidating to seek out medical assistance for issues regarding your mental wellbeing. However, the sooner you consult with one of the best psychiatrists in Dubai, the sooner you will be on the right track to effective recovery.

Additionally, your general practitioner may also advise you to consult with a psychiatrist in Dubai if they feel it can aid your recovery process. In such cases, it is always advisable to go ahead and pay a visit to the psychiatrist if required.

When assessing your mental state, it is also important to note specific parameters relevant to mental health, such as family history of mental disorders, medical history, among other factors.

Bear in mind that it is important to not rule out specific mental episodes because of their infrequent nature, or based on other popular myths that circulate around mental health. Take note of every telltale symptom and sign that could be indicative of discrepancies in mental health.

When scoping out potential mental health conditions through your self-assessment, here are a few questions you can use for general guidance.

-> Are you experiencing frequent bouts of anxiety?
-> Are you struggling with erratic sleep/eating patterns?
-> Are you finding it difficult to cope with withdrawal from a particular substance/habit?
-> Is there a difficulty in navigating social situations?
-> Is an irrational fear/anxiety hindering your daily life?
-> Is there a difficulty regulating thoughts and emotions?
-> Are there frequent episodes of disturbed behaviors that could be a sign of mental illness?

Even if your answers to these questions are ambiguous, the best psychiatrists at Aster will be able to help you cope with these through effective treatment methods.

Through myAster, you can book your consultation with our psychiatrists in Dubai from a single interface. You can get specific treatment and follow up on consultations with seamless ease, and even opt for video consultation based on your convenience.

Common procedures and treatments

At Aster, our registered psychiatrists in Dubai offer multiple avenues of treatment for mental disorders, with complete care and attention provided throughout every stage. The treatments offered by our psychiatrists usually fall under three broad categories:

-> Psychotherapy: More commonly known as “talk therapy,” psychiatrists will conduct dedicated sessions where they talk you through your problems, thereby performing diagnosis of your mental state.
-> Medication-based treatment: In some cases, psychiatrists can prescribe specific medication to help ease the recovery process, or in case of severe physical repercussions. This includes medications such as antidepressants, sedatives, and mood relaxants.
-> Procedure-based treatment: When other methods prove ineffective, psychiatrists can advise further therapeutic methods to stimulate the mind. These are performed under the supervision of your psychiatrist, with periodic consultations after every session.

Some of the conditions that are treated by the best psychiatrists in Dubai include:

-> ADHD: Effective diagnosis for ADHD that helps you better adapt to life with the disorder and resume normalcy.
-> Dementia: Helping the elderly retain their normal routines through recuperative treatment and other psychotherapy methods.
-> Schizophrenia: When other methods prove ineffective, psychiatrists can advise further therapeutic methods to stimulate the mind. These are performed under the supervision of your psychiatrist, with periodic consultations after every session.

Through myAster’s convenient interface, you can access all our psychiatrists and book your consultation in a few simple steps. For added convenience, you can avail video consultations and schedule them right from the myAster portal.

Experience a new caliber of psychiatry consultation in Dubai with myAster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is a psychiatrist different from a psychologist?

A psychiatrist is a certified medical professional licensed to prescribe medication for their patients. A psychologist studies the nature of the human mind and can provide clinical insight into patient conditions but cannot prescribe medicine.

What about my privacy regarding the personal details I provide during psychiatric consultation?

Psychiatrists ensure complete confidentiality of client details throughout consultation. The details you divulge during therapy sessions remain between you and your therapist.

Is video consultation for psychiatry effective?

Yes, your psychiatrist can walk you through your therapy through online modes of communication as well, based on your convenience.

Can I schedule extra consultation sessions with my psychiatrist if required?

Yes, your psychiatrist will provide you with ways to reach them outside of scheduled consultation sessions. Alternatively, you can also book video consultation sessions through myAster.

Should I let my psychiatrist know in case of any adverse side effects to corrective therapy?

Yes, you should let your psychiatrist know at once if there are any severe reactions to prescribed methods.
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