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Give your child the best pediatric care.

Pediatric specialists are doctors who specialize in treating health issues faced by infants, toddlers, and children. A children’s hospital caters to the specific physiological and anatomical parameters of young children. Within the field, pediatricians also offer unique sub-specializations of medical treatment, such as pediatric gastroenterology and pediatric endocrinology.

From the moment they are born all the way up until their early teens, children undergo rapid physiological changes and adaptations based on multiple factors, including the environment they grow up in. Therefore, pediatricians play a pivotal role in ensuring that children across all age groups have a healthy childhood.

The main category of treatment pediatricians provide for young children is primary care. Primary medical care for young children depends on specific factors such as their medical history and allergies, if any.

Most children’s hospitals have a vast array of pediatricians who specialize in primary care. At an early age, children require periodic visits to their primary care pediatric specialist to ensure they are on the right track health-wise. From vaccinations to follow-up appointments, regular appointments are a necessity during the child’s formative years. As part of primary pediatric care, the specialists provide:

- Vaccinations and immunizations
- Routine health checkups
- Regular outpatient consultation for children
- Conducting standard physical exams for children

If a child is experiencing health issues categorized in a particular field of medicine, then they may be referred to a pediatric sub-speciality for consultation. Many children’s hospitals in Dubai host a wide array of expert pediatricians who can provide highly specialized treatment for pediatric ailments. Some of the common pediatric specializations include:

- Pediatric allergy & infectious diseases: These specialists provide consultation and treatment on helping children cope with allergies and common infectious diseases they may contract.
- Pediatric emergency care: Some children’s hospitals will also have a dedicated neonatal care unit and expert medical staff who can deal with pediatric emergency and trauma.
- Pediatric cardiology: In some cases, infants are born with heart-related ailments that require specific attention, such as congenital heart diseases. Pediatric cardiologists can offer expert consultation throughout the process of treatment and recovery in these cases.
- Pediatric oncology: This niche field of pediatrics involves treating children who are afflicted with cancer of distinct types.

In terms of pediatric specialization, Dubai is home to some of the best medical practitioners in the field. At Aster, we have a wide range of pediatricians with diverse specializations available for consultation. Through the dedicated myAster portal, you can get access to all these specialists within a few simple steps. Before consulting with the pediatricians, however, it is vital to perform a quick check on the signs and symptoms your child is experiencing before booking an appointment, to aid the initial prognosis at your pediatric clinic in Dubai.

When should I visit a pediatrician in Dubai?

Since pediatrics deals with youths who are in their formative years, frequent visits to a children’s hospital are a necessity. In the initial months post-birth, your pediatrician will regularly follow up on required procedures such as vaccinations and booster shots. A typical post-natal schedule for pediatric consultations for newborn children goes as such:

- 2-3 days after birth
- 2-4 weeks of age
- 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year of age
- Post first year, pediatrician visits every quarter (3 months).
- Post second year, you should visit once a year

Children’s hospitals in Dubai provide a thorough schedule and walkthrough to help you keep track of your infant’s health at every turn. Adhering to the schedule is of prime importance, as the initial months are a crucial phase in the infant’s development. In case of any adverse symptoms or abnormal signs, you should contact your pediatrician as soon as possible.

If you notice irregular behavioral patterns in your child over a prolonged period, you may need to consult with a behavioral pediatric specialist. These are among the best pediatricians in Dubai, and they specialize in diagnosing and treating behavioral and psychological conditions in young children.

Children (especially those on the younger side) may not always be able to enunciate any signs and symptoms they experience accurately. Therefore, it is essential that parents remain proactive in gauging their symptoms as far as possible. If you suspect any of the following symptoms in your child, consult with one of the best pediatricians in Dubai at the earliest, to safeguard your newborn’s health.

- Sudden high fever
- Chronic/persistent cough
- Fits/any erratic behavior
- Pronounced shortness of breath/palpitations
- Bouts of diarrhea/frequent indigestion

The myAster portal makes it possible to seamlessly access and filter the pediatricians you require based on your specific input. Through the interface, you also can request a video consultation, putting your convenience foremost. Scheduling a medical appointment for your little one at a top children’s hospital can be accomplished within a few streamlined steps.

Common Procedures & Treatments

Pediatrics is a broad field, with multiple types of treatment administered considering various parameters such as the child’s age, allergies, and other relevant medical history. Pediatricians prescribe and provide treatment for a child’s conditions only after consulting with the parents at every stage of treatment. At Aster, some of the world-class pediatric care our best medical practitioners provide are:

- Immunizations: After a holistic diagnosis of your child’s health parameters, including previous vaccination history, our pediatricians at Aster prescribe vaccination regimes for your child tailored to their medical profile.
- Nutrition/dietary consultation: Growing children need healthy and balanced diets to ensure they get all the resources they need for complete wellbeing. Our pediatric experts also provide consultations on ideal diets based on your child’s medical profile. This consultation is often provided in tandem with input from dieticians.
- Physical/speech therapy: To help your little one cope with and/or overcome a particular physical ailment (such as speech impairment), pediatricians can assist with therapeutic methods such as speech therapy and hearing assessment.
- Pediatric surgery: In cases where emergency pediatric intervention is required, our staff of expert pediatricians provide high-caliber surgical treatment, with a consistent emphasis on patient care.

Aster’s array of globally renowned best pediatricians can be contacted for consultation through the myAster interface. Via our seamless platform, you can schedule appointments with unparalleled ease. Never worry about juggling doctor appointment slots again, with our unique features such as video consultation. Witness the future of medical consultation planning with myAster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Till what age do pediatricians provide treatment?

Typically, pediatricians provide treatment for children and individuals up to mid-adolescence in age.

Can I take my child to a regular specialist instead of a pediatrician?

A child’s physiological parameters are on a different plane compared to adults. Therefore, it is always advisable to take your child to pediatricians for consultation.

Is it possible to consult multiple pediatricians regarding my child’s vaccination schedule?

While possible, it is advisable to stick to one pediatrician for your child’s immunization schedule, as they will have your child’s history on demand. If you absolutely need to switch, however, please ensure you have an updated record of your child’s immunizations.

Can I consult a pediatrician for consultation regarding pre-birth issues?

Yes, you can consult a pediatrician for pre-birth counseling and assess health parameters such as maternal and fetal health.

Is it safe to give my child prescribed medication at an early age?

pediatricians will only prescribe medication as and when necessary for your child. The medicines are completely safe within the prescribed dosage for your child.
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