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Paediatric Dentistry


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Bring out your child’s healthy smile at every age with our pediatric dentists

A child’s formative years see them go through a full set of milk teeth, eventually settling into their wisdom teeth in adulthood. During this transitory phase, monitoring your child’s oral health and dental well-being is crucial. Neglecting any abnormal developments can lead to permanent changes to their dental profile. Periodic checkups with a pediatric dentist (or pedodontist) can help keep your child’s dental health on track at every stage.

Pediatric dentistry is a sub-specialization of the dental field that caters to children’s specific needs in oral health. These specialist dentists offer diagnosis and treatment for children in a diverse age range, from infancy until their teenage years.

You can find a pedodontist at a dedicated kids’ dental clinic, or a super-specialty clinic near you. Pediatric dentistry specialists provide holistic dental care for your little ones as their teeth mature, ensuring healthy development. To understand the scope of the field, you must have a grasp of how teeth develop with age.

  • - A child’s baby teeth (also known as milk teeth) begin setting in around six months of age and continue developing until age seven.
  • - Around this age, the milk teeth begin falling out one after the other as the child grows older. A new set of permanent teeth replaces the fallen milk teeth.
  • - The last milk tooth typically falls out around the early teenage years and the permanent set of 32 teeth are formed.

Throughout this development, supervision from a kids’ dentist can be beneficial in guaranteeing smooth transitions in your child’s dental health. Their focus is to provide complete care for children’s teeth, gums, and mouth. The dental care they provide can be slotted into distinct categories, some of them being:

  • - Infant oral health assessments: Complete check-ups of your infants’ oral health and wellbeing, monitoring for healthy dental development.
  • - Habit correction: A pediatric dentistry expert can assist with changing certain relevant tendencies that children have, such as thumb sucking.
  • - Cavity and defect treatment: Pediatric dentists offer dedicated cavity cleanup and filling treatment to keep infant tooth decay at bay.
  • - Pediatric orthodontics: A large part of pediatric dentistry is to help correct dental alignment in children during their formative years.

Having regular appointments with your pediatric dentist is key to maintaining optimum dental health for your child. You can schedule an appointment at a kids’ dental clinic based on a dedicated consultation regimen.

When to consult a Pediatric Dentist

Since pediatric dentistry deals with multiple facets of children’s oral health, knowing the distinction between routine checkups and appointments for dental conditions for your little one is key.

Routine Checkups

  • - The first consultation with a pediatric dentist will usually be when your child is between six months and one year of age.
  • - The exact time will vary depending on when the child’s first teeth develop, but it is essential to visit a kids’ dentist around the child’s first birthday to get a head start on their oral health.
  • - After the initial checkup, you should take your child to a dentist once every six months. Your pediatric dentist in Dubai will suggest a suitable consultation plan for your kid, based on the growth patterns in their teeth. Periodic checkups will help maintain ideal oral health during crucial phases of teeth development.

Dental/Oral Health Issue Checkups

Aside from routine checkups, you should consult a pediatric dentist in Dubai if you encounter any abnormal developments in your child’s growing teeth. The conditions you may observe will often be similar to adult tooth problems. Here is a quick rundown of the prominent signs to monitor your child’s oral health.

  • - Pain and swelling: Consult a pediatric dentist if your child complains about pain in their jaws, or if you notice significant swelling in their teeth region.
  • - Bleeding & fluid discharge: This could point to a dental emergency that needs immediate medical attention.
  • - Alignment issues: If you see a misalignment in your child’s developing teeth, you can get expert consultation from a pediatric dentist to rectify the jawline.
  • - Erratic behavior: If you notice any odd behavioral changes in your child (such as loss of appetite), it could be linked to an oral health issue. Consult with a pediatric dentist to get an expert opinion.

You may also need to take your child to a kids’ dental clinic for preventive dental care. The dentist will recommend treatments like fluoride treatment based on your kid’s dental development.

Common Procedures and Treatments

The range of treatments a pediatric dentist provides mirrors the treatments that a dentist for adults provides. However, pediatric dentistry requires an additional layer of delicate care, as the teeth are in their developmental stage. In that regard, some of the common dental procedures and treatments provided by this sub-specialization include, but are not limited to:

  • - Cavity Filling for Baby Teeth: A pediatric dentist will supervise general oral health for your child and provide filling treatment for any cavities that arise. Typically, silver amalgam or composite fillings are used for these cavity fillings
  • - Fluoride Treatment: Regular fluoride treatment helps safeguard your children’s teeth against cavities by preventing plaque formation. Fluoride treatment also reinforces the growing enamel layer in your child’s teeth are not falling out naturally, a pediatric dentist can perform a tooth extraction. Any decayed or damaged teeth will also require tooth extraction, for the child’s safety.
  • - Aligners: Kids’ dentists can also supervise the placement of special maintainers to ensure that the child’s dental alignment is proper during the natural replacement of their teeth.
  • - Oral/Dental Health Checkups: Routine dental checkups and cleanups form a prominent part of pediatric dentistry.

Finding the best pediatric dentist in Dubai can seem daunting, as there are multiple factors to consider, including your child’s comfort level. Our dedicated app, myAster, streamlines this selection process, along with a host of other convenience benefits.

myAster: Kids’ Dental Health Made Simple

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I take my child for their first pediatric dentist visit?

Ideally, your child should have their first pediatric dentist visit between six months to one year of age.

Are children prone to inflammation in their gums?

Yes, children are prone to gingivitis, just like adults. Your kids’ dentist will provide a complete perspective on how to care for your infant’s gums.

How often should my child have a teeth cleanup treatment?

Your pediatric dentistry expert will perform a routine teeth cleanup for your child during their regular checkups once every six months.

Can I consult with a pediatric dentist for my child’s overbite?

Yes, a pediatric dentist can provide expert treatment for dental alignment issues, including irregular jawline and overbites.

Is fluoride beneficial for baby teeth?

Fluoride treatment strengthens developing teeth, especially the enamel layers. It makes them more resistant to decay and cavity formation as they grow up.
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