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Highly Specialized Onco Medical Care For Effective Cancer Treatment

The field of oncology has multiple sub-divisions corresponding to the various approaches to cancer treatment. Getting effective treatment for cancer depends on a range of factors, such as the organ affected by cancer, the stage of spread, and other health complications that you may have. During your initial consultation with an oncologist, they will conduct a complete assessment of your current health parameters and suggest a suitable avenue of cancer treatment. The three broad avenues of oncology treatment

  • - Radiation oncology: This type of cancer treatment involves the usage of focused radiation therapy on the cancerous site to eradicate the tumors.
  • - Surgical oncology: Some tumors require complex surgery to excise them from the body. This is usually reserved for tumors that are yet to metastasize and become malignant.
  • - Medical oncology: Treating cancer by medical means involves a combination of specific treatments such as immunotherapy and chemotherapy. Specialists in this field are also known as onco-medical specialists.

Medical oncologists ideally seek to detect and prevent cancer spread as early as possible. Like all oncologists, they also diagnose cancer symptoms accurately, identifying the stage of the cancer progression, and potential for metastasis. The methods that a medical oncologist may suggest for your effective cancer treatment will vary depending on multiple factors. For instance, if you or your family has a significant history of autoimmune diseases, then your medical oncologist may advise other methods than immunotherapy.

These specialists often work with other medical experts to provide holistic cancer treatment. During treatment, medical oncologists may also advise consultation with palliative care specialists to help patients cope with the symptoms and side effects of cancer.

At every phase of the treatment, your medical oncologist in Dubai will advise on the ideal course of therapy going forward. It is important to understand that every individual cancer cure journey is different, from the duration of treatment to success rates. Your medical oncologists will keep you informed of the developments during your consultations with them.

When you should see a medical oncologist

You will regularly visit your medical oncologist as part of your overall cancer treatment regimen. In the event of a definitive cancer diagnosis, a medical oncologist will be part of the core team that guides you through the process. They are also among the primary specialists you will consult to get an accurate report on potential cancer diagnosis. Medical oncology is a multifaceted field, with distinct aspects to consultation and treatment. In that regard, you will usually visit a medical oncologist for the following reasons:

  • - Discussing/Scheduling Treatment: If you are on the cancer recovery journey, frequent checkups with your consultant medical oncologist are required for smooth treatment. They will routinely assess your health parameters and adjust your therapy methods and frequency accordingly.
  • - Stage-wise Diagnosis: Aside from the initial cancer diagnosis, a medical oncologist will also conduct regular checkups to monitor the effectiveness of the ongoing treatments. Your oncologist may also modify the treatment plan based on observed developments, such as suggesting precision medicine treatment for better results.
  • - Treatment Administration: For intensive treatments such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy, a medical oncologist will often be the primary supervisor of the treatment at each session. They will pay close attention to the way your body reacts to the treatment, keeping your wellbeing in mind and adjusting it based on the side effects.
  • - Symptom Management: Medical oncologists may also be involved in providing palliative care (the branch of medicine that helps people cope with life-changing illnesses) during your cancer treatment. You may be advised to visit a medical oncologist by other specialists overseeing your cancer treatment, if they feel their input is required to help you manage your symptoms over time.

Your medical oncology specialist will give you a thorough breakdown of the various treatments and procedures you will be receiving during your cancer treatment. Knowing the basic medical concepts behind each treatment can help you have a smooth recovery from cancer. Always ask your medical oncologist for clarity in case of any doubts regarding your medical history and how it can influence your general health during the process.

Common Procedures and Treatments

The treatment types that a medical oncology specialist prescribes can be categorized into three divisions:

  • - Immunotherapy: This approach to cancer treatment involves boosting the immune system to fight cancer. It is a highly specialized treatment that requires supervision at multiple stages.
  • - Chemotherapy: In this treatment, precision medicine is used to target and eradicate the cancer cells in your system. Chemotherapy can be administered through different methods, such as an IV drip, or oral medication.
  • - Hormone treatment: For cancers in specific organs like breasts and male reproductive organs, hormone therapy can be an effective method in arresting cancer tumor growth.
  • - Targeted cancer therapy: In specific cases of cancer, your medical oncologist will conduct targeted cell therapy that focuses on the molecules that trigger uncontrolled cell growth. Administration of this precision medicine treatment depends on the type of cancer and its current stage.

Like other oncology specialists, medical oncologists also weigh in and provide insights on other avenues of treatment, such as radiation oncology. Looking at oncology treatment (medical or otherwise) as a holistic collaboration of multiple medical specialists to ensure you get the best possible care. As cancer studies worldwide make progress on new ways to treat cancer, niche fields like palliative care are becoming more prominent. Finding these specialists in Dubai is a straightforward process with myAster.

Find medical oncologists near you with myAster

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does chemotherapy have significant side effects?

While specific side effects may vary, it is common to feel tired after chemotherapy sessions. Your medical oncologist will help you cope with any side effects that you face.

What is Car T-cell immunotherapy?

It is a type of immunotherapy typically used to treat leukemia in both children and adults. It is often suggested as an alternative when other cancer treatment proves ineffective.

Can medical oncologists perform screening tests?

Yes, medical oncologists are qualified to perform diagnostic tests, including PET scanning and radiological methods. They perform tests to assess your cancer risk and presence of tumors.

How long does chemotherapy last?

A chemotherapy session course will have 4-8 cycles of treatment. Your medical oncologist will supervise and advise you on the potential course of chemotherapy.

Which is the most reliable cancer treatment method?

Cancer treatment effectiveness varies on a case-by-case basis. During your consultation sessions with your medical oncologist, they will advise you on the ideal treatment course based on your medical profile.
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