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Medical Checkups: Why They Matter

In today’s hectic, fast-moving world, keeping track of your health can seem like a difficult habit to cultivate. With age, your physiological systems across the body lose their overall efficiency. Other factors such as your genetics and medical history also affect your health overall. Tracking all of them on a case-by-case basis will prove to be a major hassle. Therefore, opting for a curated health package that covers all the vital health parameters is the best course of action. In terms of health checkups, the first aspect that pops into your mind would usually be a full body checkup. While a full body checkup at periodic age intervals is essential to maintain your well-being, they are not the only option available for inspecting your vitals. In recent years, health checkups in the UAE have diversified into various dedicated health packages, which guarantee manifold benefits for you beyond just test reports. Some of these benefits include:

- You cover all core aspects of body functions in a single cohesive package.
- It grants you peace of mind and a sense of self-awareness regarding your general health condition.
- Health tests pave the way for a seamless medical checkup with accurate diagnosis down the line.
- Timely health checkups can pre-emptively identify dormant risk factors for disorders in your system, giving you a head start on treatment.
- Health packages in Dubai also come under the ambit and benefit of insurance coverage.

There exist example options for selecting the right health checkup in Dubai for you, across various healthcare institutions. Keeping in line with our motto, we at Aster are committed to providing you with a holistic healthcare experience. This is made possible by our curated Aster health packages, with the myAster portal playing a pivotal role in their overall function.

myAster Health Packages

The core vision behind our carefully engineered health packages is to cater to the most imperative health issue screenings that you would require. To that end, Aster health packages provide a higher caliber of health surveying across the board, covering all major health bases. Our extensive range of health checkup packages in Dubai also includes carefully planned wellness packages for your full health benefit.

Why Choose Aster Health Checkups?

You stand to gain multiple benefits by choosing one of our health checkup packages. For instance, by choosing an Aster Hospital full body checkup, you gain benefits such as:

- Comprehensive testing services + specialist consultation included in package
- Dedicated health packages that focus on primary health concerns (such as diabetes)
- Easy and streamlined access to your test reports via the myAster application
- Affordable pricing compared to individual testing and consultation services
- Having access to a list of your nearest Aster facilities where health packages are available, for your complete convenience.
- Concise instructions at every step to ensure you get accurate results and a seamless experience
- Online pharmacy integration for easy procurement of supplements/equipment following your body checkup in Dubai.

myAster Health Packages: 360° Healthcare

Our dedicated health checkup packages offer medical testing and consultation services, saving you valuable time and money. Through the myAster portal, you can book, schedule, and view your appointments in a single interface at any time. You also have the added convenience of linking your insurance coverage in the portal to view your Co-Pay eligibility.

Book your next health checkup in Dubai with myAster to have the full benefit of digital convenience and seamless medical services. Select from our range of health packages and take a step towards holistic health today!


Does Aster offer full body checkups in Dubai?

Yes, we offer a Pro Health Checkup through the myAster portal. It includes 7 services and specialist consultation at one price.

Can I select the date and place for my health checkup?

You can select the clinic and date for your health checkup on the myAster application. Select from the available slots and book your package.

Are there any health packages for children?

Yes, you can opt for our dedicated kid's health package on the myAster application.

How does payment for the medical checkup packages work?

On the myAster portal, you can choose to either pay by Credit/Debit Card or pay later at the clinic, based on your convenience.

Can I cancel a health package booking?

Yes, you can cancel bookings for health packages on the myAster portal. However, these are subject to our Cancellation Policy.